Saturday, 27 July 2013

Let's get lost.

Mindjárt elérkezünk a nyár feléhez, és én nem igazán érzem nagyon produktívnak ezt az eddig eltöltött időt... Nade majd most! ;)
Most épp tele vagyok ötletekkel és energiával... meglátjuk, meddig tart majd. Most pedig itt egy pár kép, amelyek tegnap készültek, röviddel a naplemente után(pont lekéstük, uh.). Remélem, tetszik! :)

Hey guys! It's so sad that July is almost over... I feel like I haven't been really productive in this summer so far, but I will change it, I promise! ;) I feel creative and energetic right now and hope that my mood won't change soon. ;)
Here are some pictures that we took yesterday. The pictures were taken right after the sunset(we missed... uh). Hope, you like it!

Top: H&M
Farmer ing/Denim jacket: H&M
Rövidnadrág/Shorts: New Yorker
Saru/Sandals: Humanic
Nyaklánc/Necklace: Mango
Sapka/Hat: Vintage

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by N.


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  2. Those photographs are wonderful, sunset time is always magical) Yep, summer is going to end up, though it's not the end of the world, thank God)! Gladly followed you with GFC, hope you can do same;)
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  3. Beautiful photos!! Love your necklace!! :)
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  4. Lovely outfit.
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  6. What beautiful shots, the luminosity is great !! I like the denim jacket !! x

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